I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years, I started in the bay area shooting in Chico, California for the Enterprise /Record.  My first love was photojournalism. I moved to SF area and was hired by the Grimme' Modeling and Talent agency to shoot their clients. After about a year the agency owner,  Jimmy Grimme' sent me to Italy to assist Aldo Fallai, the head photographer for the Armani brand. After working a short time with him I began shooting catalogs in Florence Italy, a few of my pictures were published in Italian Vogue and Donna.  Mr. Fallai then sent me to Giorgio Repossi, a top photographers agent in Millan, for representation.

  For the past few years I have photographed many models for top agency's in Italy, New York and across the USA. I worked as Chief photographer for artist Peter Max from 1993-2008.I love to travel the country and work for agencies, the people I've met and life, lived the road have been incredible.

My mission as a photographer is to tell compelling story's whether it be in life or art. Hopefully the images will shine a light forward and illuminate the viewer. Have camera, will travel.